Jill C

Energetic and active since she can remember, Jill is known for her dance parties, free spirit, and do-it-yourself projects. With a reputation as our DIY specialist, Jill’s willingness to take on almost any project stems from her steadfast “can-do” attitude. When the team needs to get something done, Jill is always ready to jump in with ideas and solutions.

Jill’s personality is as vibrant as it is intuitive – both of which make her a wonderful fit for our events team. She loves nothing more than bringing her fun and charismatic attitude to any workplace, and she lives to exceed customer expectations.

When Jill isn’t at the office, she’s usually kicking the ball around a soccer field, or hosting one of her epic dance parties. Failing that, you can most likely find her experimenting in the kitchen or sharing her delicious creations with others.