Brooke N

Brooke grew up being the type of person who was always ready for an adventure. From going on epic camping trips through the wilderness, to exploring the majesty of the Grand Canyon – she discovered her passion for the great outdoors at a very early age.

Now, she has made it her goal in life to visit one new location around the world, each and every single year. She wants to see everything that this world has to offer!

Having always been an athletic individual, Brooke has tried her hand at a variety of sports, such as tennis, softball, swimming, and cheerleading. Her natural abilities and competitive edge made her a force to be reckoned with during these sporting competitions, and helped her make some lifelong friends along the way. That’s why Brooke believes that people can come together and accomplish great things if they’re put in an exciting and fun team building environment.

Brooke’s professional experience is in planning events, where she loves to use her unstoppable energy to get a group of people amped up for the day’s activities. In the past, she’s planned all sorts of events, from sports competitions, to multi-day concerts. She’s even planned a fireworks celebration!

In her spare time, Brooke likes to travel to quirky little towns across the country, go ocean diving, fly through the air on a trapeze, and help local high school students achieve their dreams.